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Flash or jQuery? Which way to go?

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jQueryFlash is losing its charm, as it is heavy and not search engine friendly. jQuery, though not as flexible as Flash, can  achieve loads of interesting effects and allow us to replace Flash to a certain extent.
Javascript is the most commonly used client side scripting language. It is used for validating user data, and  is able to create a better user interface. Javascript effects are much faster to load. There is absolutely no need of downloading any Plugin for it like flash and other front-end tools. JavaScript can be written in any HTML editor and does not require any specific software or license.

What is jQuery?

Nowadays a lot of jQuery is being used instead of javascript. jQuery is a very lightweight Javascript library (some call it a framework),which reduces the effort of  writing pure Javascript in our applications. jQuery framework helps to easily develop a good looking application or website.

For  web designers  who are not familiar with programing, it is difficult to understand the long javascript codes. Jquery comes to their rescue, helping them to easily understand the code  and easily customize it without touching the raw JavaScript code .And it  also reduces the development time considerably, offering more readability to the code.

Advantages of using jQuery are:

  • It’s lightweight, easy and fast.
  • Less code. Less mess.
  • jQuery framework ensures Cross Browser Compatibility, thus reducing the need to write separate client side code for different browsers.
  • Wide array of plugins and ready to use code available on the internet.  For example, jQuery tabs, jTemplate, etc.
  • The jQuery library is extensible.
  • The documentation is extremely well organized and it has an active community
  • It makes usage of Ajax extremely easy.

jQuery Or Flash?

Before jQuery whenever it came to animation or sliding effects, the only thing that came into everyone’s mind was Flash.  But Flash has certain limitations. They are heavy on the browser and needs a plugin to be installed for it to play. Plus from a developers perspective, it requires the licensed software for its creation.

Where as in jQuery lot of effects and animations are possible . And every browser which supports JavaScript, also supports jQuery. jQuery is very simple to use. You just need to add only a single file called jquery.js (jQuery Library) and little code in the HTML page. jQuery provides slider, menu bar, image rotation, image fading, text animation, interaction between client side and server side data, and whatever you can think of.

Few advantages of jQuery over flash are:

  • jQuery is compatible with every browsers.
  • jQuery is also compatible with iPhone, iPad and mobile applications, while Flash is not.
  • jQuery is very light as compared to Flash
  • jQuery is a free to use library, whereas Flash needs the purchase of a Flash Development Suite.
  • Flash requires precision to create perfect effects, but it jQuery just a little familiarity with HTML and JavaScript is all it takes to create that perfect look!

However there are a few disadvantages of using jQuery:

  • jQuery does not give high 3D effects and,
  • JavaScript can be disabled from the browser which will disable jQuery too.

But considering its flexibility and ease of use, it is very popular these days and is widely used.

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