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What is the point in having a website if no one can find you on the internet? Before you finish answering that question, there are more telling questions that follow : What do my customers search on the internet to find me? How can my site be available to a potential customer looking for my products on the internet? Who are my competitors on the web?

Answers to above questions can actually help you understand SEO better. SEO is nothing but optimizing your website and its contents so that it appears in search engine results for the most relevant keywords your customer is searching for.

Your web content is the most precious asset in Seach Engine Optimization. Your ranking depends on how you utilize the key-words to drive organic traffic to your website. The word 'organic' refers to nothing but actual people who are looking for your services through search engines.


A good key-word ranking depends on various factors, however LeelaHost can help you with some of the key aspects of SEO :

Keyword relevant pages

You need to be able to set your web page contents so that your focus remains on the subject you deal with. The more focus you have on the topic you try to explain, the more effect it has on overall ranking. If you have trouble finding a good content writer, hire one of our subject matter experts to write your content based on relevant keywords.

Link building

A link here is nothing but the number of natural links in the internet referring back to your website and its pages. Primary challenge for a start up is the lack of quality links. Though it is a painstakingly slow process, you are never too late to begin. The good news is that it is not as hard as it was before. There was a time when Twitter and Facebook was not even in the picture. Each referring link had to be from a root domain unique by itself. It was hard to target those handful of domain owners. Social media has played an important role in link building. Luckily for now, Google treats Twitter and facebook links the same way as they are from root domains. It's time to wake up and start tweeting! If you are too busy running your business, let LeelaHost handle that for you!

PPC ( Pay Per Click )

As described earlier, appearing in the first page of google is not easy for a start up. It will take months before your links start appearing in Google even if you start your work today. However, there is an alternative. You can opt for campaigns run by major search engines so that you get targeted traffic which can then be used for conversion. You pay them per click though, but still a far better way than waiting indefinitely for your much awaited traffic.

There are several other techniques to be applied for a good SEO, but unfortunately it is beyond the scope this description. Let SEO experts from LeelaHost manage this for you. Our experts on SEO can help your website rank higher in Google and other popular search engines. Whatever your market is, if you are looking for organic traffic it is important to make sure you choose a good SEO partner. And if you are looking for one, you have come to the right place!

Like all cars need an engine to run, all businesses need a process! A car without engine is as good as a cart with tyres. You have to manually bear the bulk of moving it. With our SaaS ( Software As A Service ) model, you not only get custom developed apps for your business, it tremendously reduces the work load of your employees.

Your web content should be designed in a way that gives relevance to your key words. Whatever your market is, if you are looking for organic traffic it is important to make sure your pages are unique with specific keywords highlighted in each. If you have the key word 'hotels in cochin', it is important to make sure it appears at least twice in the web content in your homepage.

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