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Web Hosting In India

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Web hosting in india is growing by leaps and bounds. Though 90% of web hosting companies in India offer their servers through US based Datacenters, there is a growing need of consumers who are concerned about the network latency. As more and more industries in India are leaning towards the cloud hosting model, packet latency is of paramount importance. Though there are only handful of data centers outside the US for dependability, UK is an important destination for hosting companies. UK is able to overcome the latency factor by 100ms which almost reduces the packet distance by 33%.

If you are looking for a hosting provider who provides reliable infrastructure and round the clock, 24x7 quality support, I will personally recommend LeelaHost. Not only is Leelahost run by industry veterans, they are able to meet any of the technical challenges most hosting companies in India are unable to overcome. I will cite an example to substantiate this. It was not long ago that a software solutions provider  wanted to configure his hosting account so that they are able to restart one of the key services running on the server. They did not have the time or money to invest in a dedicated server. LeelaHost was able to provide a work around by running a separate instance of that service specifically for that company. This helped him to enjoy the shared hosting costs, at the same time enjoying the privileges of a dedicated server. This is just one incident out of many, when a LeelaHost consultant was able to provide tremendous value to its customer, through its technical knowledge and proficiency in administering server environment for years.

Web hosting in India is undergoing a sea change. Most companies in India need 360 degree consulting. They are not just looking for hosting. Partly due to the outsourced model of internet businesses, they need providers who give design and software solutions along with hosting. This ranges from a normal shopping cart to complex applications. From normal websites to highly customized marketing interfaces. Indian web hosting companies need to adapt to this requirement. If you approach a small business consumer, he is not just looking for a hosting provider. He needs someone who can design the website, take care of it long term and help him market. LeelaHost adds tremendous value as it provides all the features of cloud hosting with the added advantage of a website consulting. When website automation tools are sweeping the market, almost any novice can build a website in minutes. However, when it comes to presenting that website to suit their customer base, it needs a lot of research and design thoughts. LeelaHost scores on both fronts. With its huge network of designers and partnership with various design companies, we are able to help you go online, not just with a website, but a website that provides you value, branding and reliability, long term.


~ Sharon Rose

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  • Arun Christudas

    They have worked on many of my projects - from redesigning a few web pages to designing a complete website site and I must say, their designs are incredible and their work is of top quality. These guys are sensible and sure knows what they do. Would recommend to any one looking for web designing & development.